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Attention Auto tranny owners over 60K miles

I began slowly leaking tranny fluid right around this mileage. I'm currently at 82K, and the other day, I had my car parked for 3-days straight, when I noticed a small puddle of trans fluid. I did some research on the boards, and its not a matter of if you'll develop this issue, its when. Leaking trans fluid can be scary, as it can lead to lack of gear lubrication, and clutch pack failure. The mechatronic sealing sleeve, and transmission pan gasket, needs to be changed, a long with a full liter of trans fluid for top off. I had the service done today at my local shop, and purchased the parts and fluid online. Get yours done today, weather you see a leak or not!

Car on the lift, waiting for temps to rise

Fluid being pumped back in

Trans fluid = Liquid Gold! $$

Special thanks to Kfrazie1's very informative thread:

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