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Arg! Xbox 2 Ring Overheating issue!

Any easy and fast solutions to fix this?

My 360 was the old "Core" version with the Zepher motherboard. It was the holiday bundle back in October 2007. So I thought I was able to dodge the initial batch of consoles that overheated constantly.

So after 4 years of playing, i finally got the 2 rings overheating issue. I read a few tutorials online, and I decided there's no way I'm doing the heat glue stuff or the X Clamp stuff. (I just dont' have the time and patience to do this)

I figure I might as well try this:

1. open it up and clean the dust off
2. but if that doesn't work, should I just do it the ghetto way and just play it with an open case? A few people have resorted to that method...

what did you guys do?