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Originally Posted by byoung8 View Post
If I had a spare car then it will be done!
Finally finished today, I dont know if it is just a placebo effect, but to me the car feels more responsive than before! It is just like the OP said, it is "slight" but noticeble. But I dont have any proof other than my memory of how the car felt before and how it feels now... but I'm definetly glad I did it.

Also a tip for you guys with manual trannys. In order to get the valves to close put the car in 5th or 6th gear and push it until the valve is fully closed (it should be a bit heavier than if it was in neutral but not by much). I tested if the valve was closed by dropping a tiny bit of seafoam in the valve afterwards. But if you have a bright flash light it is rather easy to see if it is open or closed.