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all u shit talkers are a bunch of idiots. listen lakers lost. point blank got out played by the mavs. great job. about time someone beat them. it's hard enough to win a championship, this team has won 2 in a row and kobe has gotten 5 spanning over a decade. there may never be another mj, but kobe bryant was/is the remix like jalen rose says. take that how u want, the fact is we were spoiled by mj and we had this cocky little highschooler come into this league and capture 5 rings himself right after jordan. say what u want about kobe/phil legacy, but for kobe to be mentioned in the same sentence as MJ should not be taken for granted. Who else comes/came close to MJ? Do you really think Lebron will? Wade? Nobody. Not even mentioned. Kobe was.

Dude is old now. Its sad for me as a laker fan to see but the day was coming. 15 years of wear and tear got to him.. But there was definitely something going on within this team. No way do you just fall off like that. Time will tell what really happened with these Lakers.

As far as the Bynum foul. It was a cheap shot. I can't defend that. But as a laker fan, and seeing this guy for these past years, he's been the biggest pussy. hes a soft spoken kid, shy and this year hes finally starting to talk more, be more vocal, and do dirty crap like that. Its actually a positive thing to see, that cheap shot on barrea in these circumstances was out of line. if your gonna do it, do it in game 2 to send a message to that little pest but yeah completely out of line at the time..

But to all you haters, respect the dynasty, that captured 5 titles, and made in to the finals 7 out of the last 10 years. Respect KB24, the man thats still here, that won 5 rings, that outlasted everyone that got compared to him and soured for further heights than anybody else in this league this past decade. Respect.

I dont care who wins it this year, as long as its not MIAMI.