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E92 M-Tech CF front splitters fitted

Got my e92 m-tech splitters through finally, waited 2 feckin' months for them but let's not go there , to be honest not that big of a fan about them but i'll fit them for a while anyway unless someone offers me the price i paid for them within the next couple day.

How do i fit them by the way? For these pics i just slid them on, but do i have to get some tape or something??

Saffie was helping out take the photos, always getting involved

To be honest i only got them as the previous owner kitted it all out with CF badges and the grill is CF so i thought they'd go well, but i think i just don't like CF May take the grill etc off and just switch to black. hmmmmm

Also does anyone know how to change the indicator bulbs? I have some clear ones that flash orange as i hate the fried egg look it has on the headphones but from what i've figured out i have to take the whole front bumper off? BMW wouldn't tell me how to do it..