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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
Mustangs had parts out before they were selling them on the lots. Why....because there is a huge market for mustangs. The N54/54 market is probably 10% (just a guess) the size of theirs, so demand will generate materials faster. It's also a "matter" of how easy it is to develope these parts, it's next to impossible to just slap on a large turbo due to it's location, exhaust manifold, and room down there. By all means, if you know a machineist that can bore out the stock turbo, upgrade the turbine, and beef up the wastegate actuator, have at it
Lots of people can do this. Its all a matter of getting a car into their hands. Sadly I'm no where near florida or cali.

And you are right about the market. Mustang owners DGAF. They want power and aren't afraid to play. Bmw owners are a little more conservative, just search all the "will this void my warranty" threads.
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