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I tough I was time to update this thread

Since installing the springs I did about 25 000Km and I can say that the ride is still as good as when I installed them and Iím very happy the results and I would recommend this upgrade to anybody

However I did receive a set of Bilstein sport shock as a gift so I had them installed today I, also had my 18" wheels installed a few weeks ago ,

first off the OEM springs where still in great condition and could have gone along for a long time still, I only having driven the car for about 200km today but I have to say though that if you have the budget go with this combo right away as it is much better (obviously new shocks help)the ride is a little stiffer then OEM but smoother at the same time it takes it up a notch and make my car feel the way I always wanted it,

This combined with the 18 tires and wheels make for the perfect combo for the XI IMO
Here are some pics