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Originally Posted by MassBimmer View Post
lol, where the hell did you get that nonsense?? There are plenty of people who have gone 50k+ miles on lowering springs with stock shocks. The thought that springs blow out stock shocks is grossly overblown
Originally Posted by MassBimmer View Post
Don't always believe what you read. Someone who only got 7-10k miles on their stock shocks may have already had 50k miles on their stock shocks. Lowering springs will not wear out stock shocks that quickly. The H&R's, which are the most aggressive sport spring, are only 20% stiffer than stock springs. To think that they would shorten stock shock life by 80% (assuming shocks last 75k - 100k miles) is absurd.
I just did +/- 17K miles with Eibach springs on stock shocks that already had 30K miles on them and had no issues what so ever and the shocks still looked great

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