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Originally Posted by Bobble View Post
Hopefully the Wings can take the next two. Can't stand SJ being a Ducks season ticket holder. They dive and and are cowards when pressed with a physical challenge. As far as Franzen's injury I'd play Maltby before Modano as Modano wants/needs open ice to be effective at this stage and that's one thing you won't get never mind the need to effective and responsible defensively. No Show Joe's legacy should rub off on a few other Sharks. Wings have got to make the conference fianls or I won't have anyone to cheer or respect, Cannots do not impress me at all. Always loved the Ducks Wings battles in the playoffs and no matter who won you had to respect both teams.
Maltby is retired. Modano will do great with Pavel just watch. He has a great knack on the puck and with Pavels skill they could make amazing things happen. Lets hope !
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