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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
See the ACEA A3/B4 specs as an example of some of the testing involved in the BMW LL-01 oil test sequence used to determine the proper oils for use in U.S. BMW gas engines.
BMW LL01 testing sequence simply involved running the oil in an M54 Engine (2001 330I) for 370 hours, drain and test for V100, HTHS, and TBN. ACEA A3/B4 is the european equivalent of the american pertroleum institute, and thus their testing sequences are a lot more vigorous. Please do not confuse the two tests. One day, you will stop dodging my questions, regarding inconsistensies in your LL01 logic.

Quote:"BMW LL-01 - Like the LL-98, also required to be ACEA A3, API SJ, and run a 370 hour test, but the test engine is now an M54 and compatibility with the valvetronic system is a specific test requirement. These oils tend to run a little bit lighter than the LL-98, with a Kvis100 range of 11.3 to 14.1, averaging about 12.3. HTHS averages about 3.6, TBN about 10.4, and density about 0.849."