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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
- 31 to 37 kcal/kg/day for those involved in light to moderate activity 3-5 x a week with moderately active lifestyles [14-16 kcal/ pound]

Your maintenance is around 3,500 calories according to a lightly active lifestyle.

Try cutting to 2,500 calories and aim to lose 2lbs a week. (more if you're exercising)

What is your estimated BF%?

You should be aiming for 1-1.4g Protein per LBM (NOT LBS)
Also, .4g-1g Fat per LB (100g Fat per day minimum)

You can get the rest of your calories from carbs.

OR if you don't want to calculate everything to the T, try just having balanced meals of Protein, Carb, Fats - all the while not exceeding your calories of 2,500.

This is spot on! if he had a BF% he could give exact numbers... its all in the Macros. I would recommend 14-15 incline on treadmill @ around 1.8-2.3 speed depending on heart rate for about an hr in the a.m. on an empty stomach. it works!