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Originally Posted by josh06lau View Post
down here in so. cal the cheapest place would be riverside off the list you have there. However there is not much stuff to do around there since it is so far east of Los Angeles and other places. If you got the money I would say get a place at either Woodland hills, then LA, then orange then glendale then westminister. Woodlands hills is not far from LA and is a safe area depending on which side you are living on. But hopefully you come down to so. cal and enjoy the great weather and rides we have here.
Thanks for the info, I will be doing more research for Souther Cali... San Jose looks pretty good place to live and rent doesn't seem much of a difference since my job will be require for relocation and pay raise that will meet California living cost.

Originally Posted by jaceaholic View Post
oh wow you are ranging a wide range of california from northern to southern.. it all depends on you and what you like to do.. i mean alot of people will say orange county or san diego.. but living expenses in southern california i believe is higher than norther depending where you want to live.. and living in orange county is like the middle for most places.. you are a hour or so from LA and San Diego.. and if you want to live in the bay area "san jose" there are some really nice places and really ghetto just depends on what you want to spend on living expenses.. and you are like a hour from san francisco..
I will be working with Business Accounts, generally zip code based hence not a lot of driving from different cities to cities. For example if i'm relocated to San Jose, I will be mainly in San Jose. So the commute from my work isn't too bad, and i will be working at office very minimal and work from home

I have been to San Diego and it's a ver ynice place, yea they gave me a really wide range of locations - hence I'm just asking around where would be a nice place to reside

Originally Posted by sleepyx637 View Post
pretty general questions -- i think we need more details to provide any sort of good advice. will you be driving a lot? where are you commuting to? do you want to be closer to a certain ethnicity (it's not all white people out here)? do you want to be closer to a certain type of food? which is a greater consideration, safety or price? etc
Not really driving a lot, mainly within cities for work; maybe driving to explore different cities, but not for work.
Not really preference in 'ethnicity' I would like to be somewhere center that I can drive to certain major cities within hours.

My consideration is mainly safety, price I can negotiate with my employer

Thanks everyone for the input and questions - I do greatly appreciate it; i've been searching the web, but it just doesn't do justice