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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
As I stated above the ACEA A3/B4 lubrication tests are part of the comprehensive BMW LL-01 oil test sequence including engine family specific tests.
Well right off the bat your wrong. Like I stated, ACEA A3/B4 testing, has nothing to do with BMW LL01 testing. The M54, and N54 are two completely different engines. As long as you admit that the testing standard from 2001, would require testing in an M54, then 370hours in an M54, won't produce oil temps over 200F for instance, where as in the N54, your at 290.

Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
Your questions have been answered many times but you don't like the answers so you ignore them. Reality does not change because you are in denial and lack the technical background to understand the subject matter.
NO they were dodged. Here are the questions:

1. Why do you and the BMW website advocate LL01 oils which have weights that differ greatly from what was specified on the engine by the manufacturer?

2. You maintain that BMW LL01 testing is required for all BMW engines, yet have no explanation for why BMW does not use LL01 oil in its M engines.

3. If BMW does not require testing of LL01 above 0W40(a weight, BMW does not recommend for any of its engines, per the part number written on them), why then do quite a few oils from manufacturers such as motul, total, pentosin, etc have LL01 approved oils with weights above 0W40. Why did BMW test, and approve those oils, but not use them in the M engines?

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Time and again I have explained to you that you can not use MSDS sheets nor UOA to determine the lubrication properties of an oil. An MSDS/UOA show the physical properties of the oil, not the lubrication performance
Car manufacturers are constantly changing their product formulars. It seems like BMW only tests the oils once, but aren't re-testing, or documenting the formular changes. If two oils are "LL01" approved, and one has synthetic base oils (i.e polyalofins or true synthetic), and the other is mineral oil based, or a mixture, like your beloved M1 0W40, then you'd be a fool to assume that they would have the exact same longevity in BMW's higher horse power engines.

Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
An oil needs to meet all of the ACEA A3/B4 oil requirements along with the LL-01 engine family specific tests for BMW LL-01 approval.
The ACEA, is a government organization that has nothing to do with BMW. There is no engine family specific test, after 2001, besides the 2001 200hp M54, which is why the test is obviously inferior. The reason why, Most "Boutique oils" aren't tested and approved is because the companies unwilling to pony up the $500,000 cash for BMW to approve their oils.

Track rat to sum up my points: Please stop badgering people on this site, and for heavens sake, stop hijacking every single oil thread. The only thing that can be taken from your rants, is that yes obviously while under the warranty period, go to the dealer and change your oil, or buy any BMW LL01 oils, not on some silly website, but the ones that have the approval listed on their back label. After the warranty is over, please change all the "lifetime fluids" ASAP. Oh yeah, and feel free to use any synthetic oil you want.