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The forum SEARCH feature is your friend. These types of threads pop up every couple minutes.

As discussed in numerous oil threads, no one but BMW can advise if one BMW approved LL-01 oil is any better for your BMW engine than another based on objective, scientific test data. Baseless opinions and advertising hype do not make one oil better than another. That is why the engineering and scientific communities use appropriate objective, scientific testing to clarify the situation.

See the ACEA A3/B4 specs as an example of some of the testing involved in the BMW LL-01 oil test sequence used to determine the proper oils for use in U.S. BMW gas engines.
Fixed it for you.

It has no sense to try to educate a few folks on this forum. The "we hate manufacturer approved fluids and think that dishwater is much better" clowns doesn't even understand how ignorant they are.

The concept is very simple. Manufacturers test their engines and fluids and require the use of those fluids to maintain warranty coverage.

Use what the manufacturer has tested and requires and you'll be fine. Use some designer crap and any lubrication issues will be on your dime.

It is completely and totally impossible for a car owner to tell the difference in oils - assuming they use the correct viscosity