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So, Americans aren't snobby? Have you looked around? You are in a BMW forum! The US is the biggest consumer market for luxury brands!

As for innovation. Give them time. After all they just came out of almost half century of represive goverment where innovation and entrepreneurship was not part of their culture. You claim to be a Chinese yourself, but have zero knowledge about chinese culture and their history.

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I do not to want to emphasize on how snobby Chinese people are, (as one of them), and shit like BMW, Merc, Lambs, Ferraris RRs (as they often refer to them as Oxes and Horses) Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Rolex, and so on. They think that no matter how smart you are, money or social status always talks first. So luxury brands will love China over any other country, I bet, in the next decade. What's sad is that they do have no innovation whatsoever.