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Originally Posted by Advan View Post
I kinna took North Cal off my list.. I do want to stay in SoCal from what I am hearing.. Yea I did hear good things about Irvine, maybe I'll look into there also.

I do appreciate all your input on locations...

Of course there are "ghetto" places, that's no matter which part of country you are at
yeah irvine is a great place to live one of the safest places in states.and its a place to raise a family. its a planned city, there are like plaza's almost like every block away from each other and its very quiet.. irvine is well planned out there are no liquor stores and no walmart.. and there is only one 711 in the area i believe.. unless you count a gas station with a 711 then there are two.. and if you live in irvine you are like 10 minutes away from the beach..