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Originally Posted by jaceaholic View Post
oh wow you are ranging a wide range of california from northern to southern.. it all depends on you and what you like to do.. i mean alot of people will say orange county or san diego.. but living expenses in southern california i believe is higher than norther depending where you want to live.. and living in orange county is like the middle for most places.. you are a hour or so from LA and San Diego.. and if you want to live in the bay area "san jose" there are some really nice places and really ghetto just depends on what you want to spend on living expenses.. and you are like a hour from san francisco..
No hard feelings... Cost of living of LA, SD, and San Jose are the same. Highest cost of living is San Francisco. Which is norcal. I know because I'm collecting post 911(veterans tuition assistance for school).

As for activities. Seeing your coming from Texas. Which is very humid but also very hot. If your comfortable with that stay in socal. Living in LA I can tell you any and everything you want to do is not too far. Closest beach is 30 mins west. Desert is an hour east. There's canyons and springs north east. Snow activities is an hour drive. As for ethnicity. Big melting pot. There are little ethnic communities ( jap town, chinatown,Armenian town) so with diverse ethnic groups comes food. Do ur research. It is costly here, that's the downside. With high population= crime rate, high gas prices, traffic, and assholes.