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Originally Posted by dmz View Post
So, Americans aren't snobby? Have you looked around? You are in a BMW forum! The US is the biggest consumer market for luxury brands!

As for innovation. Give them time. After all they just came out of almost half century of represive goverment where innovation and entrepreneurship was not part of their culture. You claim to be a Chinese yourself, but have zero knowledge about chinese culture and their history.
看得懂嗎? 看不到就只是個愚蠢的白人, 愛裝清高. Just testing Cause you don't really say anything about your own qualifications to talk about the Chinese.

American snobbery is different; more cocky and egotistical than snobby... Just an inherent byproduct being raised with too much pride and not enough brains. Asians are just more realistic, that's all.

Badge whoredom is good for the brand. BMW relies on it to grow bigger.
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