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It was unbelievable though ha! The Wings just keep coming! When teams dominate like that and get scored on in the 3rd to be down it can be totally deflating. The Wings didn't panic and kept to the game plan. I love this team! No matter what happens Thursday im proud of them for the way they've faced the adversity.

Anyways back to Abby... I couldnt believe he would go out and just grab Boyle's face like that. He has to be the biggest moron ive ever seen. I honestly have always like Abdelkader and for most of the season he did great. However, this series has just been a mess and its clear his head isnt there. Those horrible penalties are the worst part, but he's had problems moving the puck as well especially in our own zone. He needs to be benched. Maybe he can watch one and clear his head a bit.
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