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I'm currently dorming in an extremely rural part of China right now for my overseas internship. Have been here for just over a week and a half, and am staying for about two months. And I can't tell you how amazing it is what these people are capable of.
dmz made a good point about China being oppressed for so many years. That really stunted their growth. But considering which, they are seriously kicking ass. I used to be all pro-Taiwan and didn't give a rats ass about China; writing them all off as Communists.
But I'm glad I came on this trip for my internship. Perhaps it's because I'm working at an American-owned factory which makes things seem better, but I'd like to think think that my views are unbiased and just
The people here definitely live an interesting lifestyle, and there are obviously bad apples in every bunch, but for what it is, everyday they cease to amaze me

Not to mention, everything is DAMNED cheap here. I really could get used to life here. Who knows, I might even settle down here in the future. China is looking to be the next--and only?--big power to come

P.S. I get my very own company car, in the form of a 2010 VW Scirocco 1.4L twincharged (one supercharger and one turbo). And it's almost a culture here for them to drive like a bunch of tools, so I've actually kind of had a lot of fun not having to abide by many laws

P.S.S. there are some EXTREMELY rich people here in China. I heard it's because of corrupt government/politicians, etc.
Not too surprising, just an interesting fact. Because out of the mule/ox carts, the cheap broken-down Chinese-copied brand name cars, crappy mopeds, etc. there are every now and then suuuuper nice cars. I hear there's a Veyron just in the city next to me...And don't forget that buying a car here in the mainland is at least double of the cost of a car in the U.S. !