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Originally Posted by ceb View Post
It has no sense to try to educate a few folks on this forum. The "we hate manufacturer approved fluids and think that dishwater is much better" clowns doesn't even understand how ignorant they are.

The concept is very simple. Manufacturers test their engines and fluids and require the use of those fluids to maintain warranty coverage.

Use what the manufacturer has tested and requires and you'll be fine. Use some designer crap and any lubrication issues will be on your dime.
Whoa.....slow down there champ..Don't call anyone names, were're all adults here. Its not your place to tell people what to do with their cars or their money. If someone wants to use ANY oil in or out of warranty, its their buisness, and not yours. If BMW has no way of knowing if a given car was using "approved" oils during warranty, or not, then thats too bad. But for heavens sake, don't go on the internet, and expect everyone to do what you do, because we are not seeing any type of negative effect of using "non-BMW" approved oils, in or out of warranty. Please mind your buisness.