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New JB4 Firmware - 4/22 - With CanFlap

I have had alot of questions about this so figured I would post here Enjoy the update!!

New Firmware


Software and firmware are paired so you need both! You also need to have the JB3/4 USB cable to be able to update the JB4

If you have no idea what the above means then don't do anything. Just drive and enjoy your car

1) Corrected 135i metric mode to properly reflect speedo input selections.
2) Lowered maximum FFPID value in 1st gear.
3) Added integration for CPS/SLD module including CPS charting.
4) Added "CANflap" commands to menu 4 options 4 (disable/go back to stock) and 5 (always open). This feature adjusts your factory exhaust flapper.
5) Added octane and oxygen sensor adaption reset commands to menu 4 option 7.
6) Rescaled FFPID function down 400rpm.
7) Added RPM by RPM global adjustment of air/fuel additive and CPS offset.
8) Complete redesign of data logging input functions for expanding user adjustable fields needed for #7.
9) Added "restore defaults" command to reset all user adjustable values (except map and meth settings) to the default values. Command is automatically sent following a firmware update to avoid firmware/setting compatibility issues.
10) Adjusted AFR output to always reflect leanest bank at any given time. Previously bank2 was always displayed.
11) If using external LM1 wideband FutureUseD=2 causes JB4 to use that value instead of factory widebands for all AFR use including internal safeties and nitrous trigger.
12) Default "exp1" logging parameter is now low system fuel pressure. Setting FutureUseD=3 outputs DME liters per hour consumed. Setting FutureuseD=4 outputs road speed in KMH.
13) Added iDrive radio auto on/off commands for testing. To enable set FutureUseD = 10. When engaging command mode via steering wheel controls iDrive screen should turn off. When exiting command mode iDrive screen should turn back on. In early testing it appears functional for 2009+ iDrive models only.
14) By default the spare external output (DB9/4) is now used for CPS integration. To revert back to external trigger use (n2o, etc) set FutureUseD=77. The normal external trigger has been relocated to pin 15 on the processor. If you need both CPS integration and nitrous integration you will need to solder a small gauge wire to the processor. Email for details.



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