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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
For those who actually read the entire Magnuson-Moss Act and understand the legal issues, you will see that it does NOT state that you can use ANY engine oil. It states that you can use ANY OIL APPROVED for your engine under your Warranty REQUIREMENTS. If you read your BMW new vehicle warranty it REQUIRES you to use LL-01 oils of the proper viscosity to maintain your engine warranty.

This is NOT a tie-in as defined by the MM Act. You can use ANY BMW LL-01 approved oil of the proper viscosity. Your warranty however can be voided if you use a NON BMW LL-01 approved oil of the proper viscosity.

Turkeybaster continuously posts half-truths and technically incorrect oil information because he does not understand the subject matter. This false information can cost you your engine warranty and even engine damage so PLEASE read your OM so that you are an informed BMW owner and know your warranty obligations.