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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
The forum search feature and your OM are your friends.

This question gets asked and answered weekly if not daily. LL-01 approved oil of the proper viscosity is required to maintain your warranty. No one except BMW can tell you if one of the LL-01 oils is better than another based on objective, scientific test data. Baseless opinions and ad hype do not make an oil appropriate or better for your BMW engine. That's why BMW and other Euro car makers actually test oils and only certify the ones that meet the lubrication requirements of your specific engine. This oil technical info. is listed in countless oil threads in this forum.

For reference:

Amsoil European Formula oils have NO API, NO ACEA, NO BMW and NO Euro Car Maker certification.

Redline oils have NO API, NO ACEA, NO BMW and NO Euro Car Maker certification

Royal Purple Street oils claim to have "some ACEA licensing" but they have NO BMW and NO Euro Car Maker oil certification.

Thus none of these "boutique" oils meet your new vehicle engine warranty requirements and should NOT be used if you value your warranty and engine.

I personally do not care what oil people use. I am just the messenger. Use whatever oil makes you happy.
Answer the following questions my friend, and quit running:

1. Why do you and the BMW website advocate LL01 oils which have weights that differ greatly from what was specified on the engine by the manufacturer?

2. You maintain that BMW LL01 testing is required for all BMW engines, yet have no explanation for why BMW does not use LL01 oil in its M engines.

3. If BMW does not require testing of LL01 above 0W40(a weight, BMW does not recommend for any of its engines, per the part number written on them), why then do quite a few oils from manufacturers such as motul, total, pentosin, etc have LL01 approved oils with weights above 0W40. Why did BMW test, and approve those oils, but not use them in the M engines?