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It is obvious that some people try to hide behind the MM Act because they are incapable of comprehending the English language.

The MM Act does not prohibit a manufacturer from setting warranty requirements. It prohibits a manufacturer from requiring the use of their own replacement parts (or in this case fluids) in order to keep the warranty intact. A manufacturer can (and frequently does) recommend the use of a specific brand (like the Castrol on the 710 cap) but in this case BMW perfectly legally and logically, requires the use of a specific specification of oil (for our cars in the US LL-01.)

LL-01 oils are available at nearly every auto parts store so BMW is complying with the intent of the law as well.

The irrefutable fact remains that if you drive a non-M current 3 series in the US, then you need to use a LL-01 oil to keep your warranty intact. And that requirement is perfectly legal.

The way the oil is tested is actually quite immaterial. The only thing important is that the bottle says LL-01 on the back.

Once you're out of warranty you can use any swill you like.

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