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Originally Posted by Turkeybaster115 View Post
Answer the following questions my friend, and quit running:

1. Why do you and the BMW website advocate LL01 oils which have weights that differ greatly from what was specified on the engine by the manufacturer?

2. You maintain that BMW LL01 testing is required for all BMW engines, yet have no explanation for why BMW does not use LL01 oil in its M engines.

3. If BMW does not require testing of LL01 above 0W40(a weight, BMW does not recommend for any of its engines, per the part number written on them), why then do quite a few oils from manufacturers such as motul, total, pentosin, etc have LL01 approved oils with weights above 0W40. Why did BMW test, and approve those oils, but not use them in the M engines?
You can regurgitate those same crappy questions all day long and it won't change the fact that non-M current 3 series cars in the US require the use of LL-01 oils in order to keep the warranty intact.

How BMW tests oils, why they test it or what they test is immaterial. The fact that BMW requires a different oil for the M series has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion with one exception - if you don't use the BMW required oil for your M, then you can kiss your M warranty goodbye.