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Night shots as requested. Just as a comparison I included the same shots with my wife's 2011 VW Tiguan with factory xenons for comparison. The Tiguan's factory HIDs have such a smoother, cleaner beam really makes the DEPO lights look like crap.

E90's headlights at night. The blue looks overwhelming because of the camera. The actual headlights are halogen H7 bulbs, with the naked eye they look blue from the front because of the incredibly bright AEs.

15 feet away from my garage. Any blue/purple you see is from the angel eyes as the actual headlight bulbs are the stock yellowish H7 bulbs.

25 feet away from my garage. (my driveway has a slight slope, that's why they look uneven)

What they look like shining down the street with no street lights.

Another angle down the street.

For comparison the following are of my wife's 2011 VW Tiguan with factory xenons. The difference is astounding.

Tiguan at night.

Tiguan with factory xenons: A shot of the garage at 15 feet.

Tiguan with factory xenons: A shot of the street at night with no street lights.

The DEPO headlights look great aesthetically and have really bright AEs but as far as visibility is concerned they are of no benefit. If you like they way they look, then by all means get the DEPOs, but if you're looking for improved lighting then stick with your E90's factory halogens.

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