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To all BMW owners an future buyers:

I literally bought $250,000 worth of cars from BMW of Honolulu! I had excellent service from the sales department and parts. The only problem I had was with the service department. They damaged my m6 twice consecutively when I brought it in for service. The first time it was damaged.....they basically called me a Liar and said the damage was already there before I brought it in! They ended up fixing the damage because I had a witness who saw them drive my car around before the service
concierge inspected my car. The second time they damaged my car...they couldn't say anything because I inspected the car with one of the service guy.
I really could not believe they damaged my $110,000 m6 and are not cautious with a high price car. I bust my ass for everything that I buy and it pisses me off these
assholes have no respect for someones car!!! Especially if
they want return business! I was vert hesitant to purchase
another car from them but I really like the new M3 and
the new smg double clutch transmission and the total look
of the car. Unfortunately just last week they damaged my
front quarter panel! What really pissed me off was the
servicing manager(Mark Hironaka) was not willing to fix
the damage and accusing me of being a liar and thought the damages were already there??!!! WTf!!! Dejavious again! The only one who stepped up to rectify the situation was the sales manager Glenn Mervine the sales manager. I am not saying everyone in the service department are bad but obviously they have some isssues back there. Also the way the servicing manager handled the whole situation unfortunately will reflect the company as a whole and I can honestly say I will never buy a BMW from that dealership. I am actually looking to purchase the new Audi S5.