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Originally Posted by micah_675 View Post
At it again are you trackrat. You completely ignored turkeys questions as you did mine!!! Sweet, you claim you can't use MSDS's however you posted spec sheets which are exact carbon copies of what BMW claims the oils should run. Your claims are baseless, you post nothing constructive such as BMW's own website. We asked for OUTSIDE sources, why not post BMW's sequence testing (which I have explained before is never going to happen because you dont have access to it). Also you tried to say BITOG is crap, which is laughable because it would actually educate these people on WHY your wrong.

Go troll else where and btw I just replaced the Royal Purple in my car with Amsoil European Formula, which the VW guys LOVE.

You are totally missing the point. If you are under warranty and want to keep your warranty then you need to use a oil (and other fluids) that meets the specs set out by the manufacturer. For our cars in the US that means LL-01. In Europe that means LL-04.

If you are out of warranty then you can use whatever you like.

No consumer can tell the difference in oils, so you can continue to live under the delusion that RP or amSOIL is good for your car. Neither of those oils meets any specs for our cars (or VW for that matter.)

I assume you are no longer under warranty so enjoy your amSOIL.