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Originally Posted by ceb View Post

You are totally missing the point. If you are under warranty and want to keep your warranty then you need to use a oil (and other fluids) that meets the specs set out by the manufacturer. For our cars in the US that means LL-01. In Europe that means LL-04.

If you are out of warranty then you can use whatever you like.

No consumer can tell the difference in oils, so you can continue to live under the delusion that RP or amSOIL is good for your car. Neither of those oils meets any specs for our cars (or VW for that matter.)

I assume you are no longer under warranty so enjoy your amSOIL.
well here's a smart one, so let me as you some questions.

1. SO during my "warranty" peroid, you want me to use only BMW LL01 approved oil, right? So can do I have to use the one at the stealership, or is it ok for me to use German made BMW LL01 oils such as pentosin, Total, motul, lubrimoly, etc? If its ok, and logical for me to go and buy these oils, with the same LL01 approval, written on the back labels by germans, and change the oil, then is my car still "warrantied"? When I come back to the stealership for work to be done on my car, can I show the the empty bottle with the LL01 written on the back label, just like the one they are selling?

2. If the answers to the above questions are yes, then if I change my oil with say redline, royal purple, or amsoil, and 4,000 miles later I come in for repair work, and they ask me if my oil was LL01 approved, and I say yes, how would they know the oil isn't? Oh, and don't tell me, its by the color of the oil, because thats just a stupid response.