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Originally Posted by Edward View Post
Did you ever take your car in for the "recall" whether it was actually a dct, or software, or hpfp recall? I'm not discounting the potential for this light to pop up on my dashboard. I'm going to be annoyed though when it does because it will be a severe waste of time.
IS there a newer recall that applies to our car? I sure would like a DCT update. It needs a little adjusting.
The last update the car got was at the port in December.

I have a speculation as to what the error is for, but I'll wait till I see the code tonite.

Edit: Severe waste of time is an understatement. I went through this with my last 335. It takes a lot for the dealer to actually replace parts. The code has to be reoccurring before they have the go ahead from BMWNA to do any repairs. I have an appointment next week, so we'll see how it goes.

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