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Originally Posted by Juicestand View Post
Alright well I have an e90 2006 325i. Automatic, unfortunately. (Couldn't find a manual one so had to stick with auto.)

And I am searching for everywhere for performance mods, and can not find anything.

Can y'all please help me out?

Suspension, Exhaust, Chips, Software, ANYTHING.

Links are very much appreciated, THANKS.

(Also, wanting to get into autocross, what kind of tires should I use for that?)
Find a BMW CCA auto cross event and just go the way that your car is now. See what the other guys there are using. If you have never done any auto crossing or track driving I am sure that the weak link is the driver not the car. You will learn more, faster and safer on a car with lower limits. The smooth predictable power of your n/a six will help you.

The best mod you can do is improve the driver. On a closed course a good driver can significantly close the gap created by a power advantage.

If you start getting good in your class and you want 'race rubber' you'll probably end up with a second set of wheels and some hoosiers or something like that.