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Unhappy e90 creak noise - what do you think?

Please please can you help. I've had my 06 e90 320d m sport for 3 years and about a year ago it started making the noise when being unlocked that you can hear in the video clip below.

The car makes the noise when it is unlocked after being left for a while. It doesn't do it if left unless left for a while. It sounds like it's coming from under the front of the car. It usually happens just after unlock is pressed. I have wondered if it's a suspension/steering/shock absorber problem caused by the car slightly shifting weight after left.

I guess some would say it's not a big deal or expectable with a 5 year old car and If you feel that way then fair enough and maybe you're right. for me though I find it really annoying on a car that is otherwise great so I finally asked my local dealer to take a look while it was in for it's mot and service. When I did this I took great care to explain at length the above and played back the clip to the service guy.

The dealer had the car in for a day and then told me that they had found the problem and that it was the door lock which they charged me 170 for. Only problem was that when I went to pick up the car the very first thing it did when I unlocked it was made the noise so I left the car with them again.

After another day with them they told me the noise is the turbo preparing for the car to be started and many older cars make this noise. They said that there is nothing wrong with the car and that it's just cosmetic and that there's nothing to replace to fix it. This confuses me because the car didn't make it for the first year that I had the car and I have never heard of anything like it elsewhere. I get the feeling that they didn't even try and have just palmed me off. They've also told me that the engineer only initially heard the door lock noise and it was on it's way out so they were right to replace the door lock.

Please can you help if you've ever heard anything like it or even better if you've had the problem and fixed it.

Any help massively appreciated.