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Originally Posted by topher04r1 View Post
George, i've got these water spots that came with the car (dealer installed) on my windows that i just cant get rid of for the life of me.... here is what i've tried....

50/50 water, rubbing acohol
quick detailer
Scratch X
goof off (like goo gone.....)

the scratch X helped get anything off on the surface but in the sunlight you can still see the rings from the water spots.... im going crazy here man do you have any other suggestions ?

Also do you know of anyone in or arround Tucson or phx that can help with factory buffer marks etc ?? I dont have a PC and honestly im not sure if i trust myself to use one......
First thing I'd try is what ADHD recommended below, and is found at any local supermarket.

Originally Posted by ADHD View Post
^^^ try distilled viniger!
If that doesn't do the trick, a couple of options. I'd consider trying Glass Science Glass Scrub, which is a creme based glass polish that typically works very well for water spots. Here's some detailers reviews on Glass Scrub. (The review is of a kit we have with the Glass Scrub and Rain Clear repellent)

Beyond that, you'd be getting into using a buffer on your glass with a more abrasive product than ScratchX. I'd probably leave that to a professional.

As far as finding a pro in your area, I will try to do some digging to find someone I can recommend for you. To be honest with you, most of our customers have had better luck doing things themselves than outsourcing to a someone else. Unfortunately, there are significantly more bad detailers than there are quality ones out there. I'll keep you posted on anything I can dig up.

Let us know if either the vinegar or Glass Scrub does the trick for you.