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Originally Posted by vgr02 View Post
Nooooooooooo!!!!. An "M" should be naturally aspirated. It's a true reflection of what they can get out of a motor. I read somewhere many years ago from a director of BMW that they would never go down the track of adding turbo's or superchargers. Doing that meant they had developed the engine to the end of it's potential. So does that mean the straight in-line six is dead ???? Will they go to a V6 ???. I hope not. BMW have earned a wonderfull reputation for their in-line 6's
I agree. An M is BMWs opportunity to showcase their design brilliance. Correct me if Im wrong but I believe the M3 CSL still has the highest power to litre ratio of any normally aspirated engine.

BMs straight sixes are legendary so I expect that they will continue for years to come.

Oh, did you hear that the 335i recently won International Best Engine of the Year?