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Originally Posted by mds82 View Post
Some people had gotten little previews of my project i have been working on for the past 3 weeks or so.

History - I had originally wanted to do this project in the middle of last year, but i just didnt want to open my headlights. I waited a long time until i found the right bargain and ordered one at a time from e-bay, looking at around $130-$150 a piece.

I had an extra headlight laying around from when my car and headlight got keyed a while back so i experimented. I tried to open it the first time.... i shattered the angel eyes. Lesson learned

When i finally got both headlights, I figured it was time to start playing around. Let me say - this is NOT EASY. Here is a list of how long each one took.
. Opening the headlight - 2 Hours
. Removing the old glue from lense and housing - 1.5 hours
. Preparing the Carbon Fiber for molding and cutting - 2-4 days
. gluing the CF to the amber - 1 hour
. Clear coating the Fcuk out of the CF to give it a good apearence - 2 weeks
. Resealing the headight - 1-2 hours

Overall it took over 3 weeks to get everything right and finished up the way i wanted it to. I almost ruined it all though because i tried cleaning the chrome bezel around the headlight and completely Wipped off ALL the chrome. Luckly i had the extra headlight laying around so i had a spare, even though it wouldnt fit right the first time.

I'm pretty damn happy with the overall project and i think it looks amazing. Current setup i'm running with the headlights is now:
. LUX 2.1 ( yes i said 2.1)
. X5 chrome blinkers
. Osram 6000k D1S headlights
. CF Covered amber

What Does Everyone Think???

That looks heaps better mate! Well Done!:rocks: :rocks: :rocks: