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Its worth noting, that you aren't familar with paint prep making the difference this is a prime example of a color where it counts(though it definitely counts on dark colors ).

Lighter colors are notorious for lacking depth, so typically as a detailer I try to focus on proper prep to really refine the surface so it is clear, crisp, sharp and glassy. Other than that sealants tend to be a little bit more appropriate in many eyes for lighter colors just because they have a sharper, tighter look to them whereas carnaubas' nuance tend to be deeper.

I think in your case, depending on your paint prep, something like Meguiars #21, removed with something like Optimum Spray Wax would give a fantastic result that importantly will last and that you can readily boost. M21 is a long forgotten product in the sea of new sealants(that some surprisingly won't last among some other veteran items).

Another option is Collinite 845 which is a synthetic blend. Eitherway I would focus on paint prep, and really try to lay down something more durable. Hopefully that helps as a starting off point - definitely look into durable sealant protection.