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Originally Posted by leftcoastman View Post
Yeah, you misunderstood.

Having someone on your ass in a corner is an indication that they are faster than you. in that instance, you should ease up on the straights, so others can get by. We pass on the straights - if the other guy doesn't accelerate to block your pass, which the prick drivers would.
Man, I met some real selfish people like this on the Tail of the Dragon earlier this year. Guys in pick-up trucks and slower cars, despite them knowing and seeing how fast everyone's going, they'd refuse to slow down in the straights to let us pass... on a normal road it'd be no prob, but on the TotD you can't take risks since the straights aren't that long.

It's just common courtesy, people need to move over (just like those people I occasionally meet in the left lane that refuse to yield).
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