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Originally Posted by BushidoN54 View Post
Yeah, FBO minus catback. For the map 7 runs I had 104 in the tank as well.

Also, I think that mph was helped by a tailwind from the storm rolling in. Prob an extra mph or so in there.

It was fun! Would like to get a group together and go out there sometime soon...
I'm definitely down to go out there asa group sometime. I would like to make it to the track atleast 2-3 more times before I get the RB's installed sometime around end of June-beginning of July. Had a best of 12.61@117.73 w/ a 2.147 in January on summer street tires, full weight, no lsd, 104 oct, stock dp back w/ secondary cats intact on 18.5psi. Just ran again a few weeks ago and hit a best of 11.98@117.73(crazy that my mph is exactly the same) w/ a 1.809 60ft on bfg dr's, lsd, 2.5" exhaust and no cats, seats removed, 16psi and 98ish octane. I was having troubles w/ my flow sensor so I couldn't run map 3 to get up to 18.5psi. I had to run map 7 instead. With the extra 2.5psi, 104 octane and dropped pressure in my dr's(had them at somewhere around 35psi I'm guessing) I think I can dip into the mid 11's and would love to try and take the stock turbo, no NOS record before I upgrade. It's just going to take some more getting out there to try. Let me know when you want to head out again and I'll do my best to make it.
07 e92 335i Best run: 11.83@ 120.4 w/ 1.84 60' and 2127 DA