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Originally Posted by 808E90 View Post
Dang sorry to hear ... Who was your SA?

BTW ... Try AA
Its less the SA and more the management and the techs. I've worked with both Mike and Bill. Was with Bill when I first got the car and about 1 month after I put my springs on, I broke a rear trailing arm. Of course, they blamed the springs which was expected but when they aligned the car the right side was over 0.5 degree off from the left and they told me that's the best they could do because of my aftermarket suspension. Only when I told them that another shop had aligned it to factory specs 2 weeks prior did they agree to do it over again. Second time they got it within spec and then gave me a lame excuse about a new guy working on it. The shop foreman comes off with the attitude like he's never wrong.

So after that episode, I started working with Mike. We were fine right up until this past incident. I had some rain leaking into the car and they said its because of the adhesive on the vapor barrier wasn't sticking. I had previously taken those areas off when I installed my speakers and apparently it doesn't stick well when reapplied. So they redid it (charged me of course) but in the process of doing that they damaged the moleskin T&T put on for my tint. I'm not sure what they did to do that. They said it was because they had to take off the door panel but that's BS because I've taken it off over a dozen times without damaging it. So its starting to peel off now and leaving adhesive residue all over the inside of my window. When I told Mike about it he said because its not their part, they are not responsible and would not fix it. I told him when I brought it in everything was fine and they damaged it so they should fix it regardless of who's part it is but he insisted that they would not be responsible for fixing it.

So I email my salesman and ask him to forward my concerns to the service and general manager which he does. I get a call back from the service manager and he's asking what happened and I explain it to him. He goes on about his policy regarding aftermarket parts and I tell him I will never recommend anyone to buy a BMW ever again after this incident. We go on and on about the damage and he asks me to bring the car in for him to see the damage. I told him I don't want to let them touch it so I'll go to T&T and let them fix it. After I tell him T&T told me it would be $25 to fix he finally backs off and says they'll pay for it which is BS. He only said that because it was only $25 but if it was something more expensive I'm sure we'd still be arguing about it. It shouldn't have mattered how much it was. All they matters was that they damaged something and they weren't owning up to it.

In addition to all of that, I asked Mike if my spark plugs had been replaced because they are due at 37,000 miles. Mike said no they weren't but they aren't due for 100,000. I get home and look in the manual and right in the manual it says replace spark plugs every 37,000 miles. They can't even get their service schedules correct. I shouldn't be the one telling them what services are required. They are supposed to be the experts but at this point, I don't trust them for anything.

Its too bad they are the only dealer in town because that will just stop me from buying a BMW ever again. I had much better service at Audi and I think that's where I'll end up once I'm done with this car.
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