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Originally Posted by BenTrovato View Post
Wagons were always ugly. It's only been a decade or so where the styling has been ramped up to the point where the e91 is a stunning machine. It will take some time to reverse the stigma of the 1994 "wagon" in people's minds:

The Caprice sedan of that era was even worse. Ugly is what it is, and many wagons are NOT ugly. Slap some of that fake bark on an E92 and see how lovely it isn't.

This is not ugly:

I have nearly always had wagons\hatches as my daily drivers, I have no use for sedans with tiny little trunks. If I am going to be impractical I will drive my coupe or one of my convertibles, Alfa Romeo GTV-6, Alfa Romeo Spider, and Triumph Spitfire, respectively. Otherwise it is the Swedish Brick (Volvo 945) or the 328iT once it arrives on these shores.

I wish the 328iT was more of a wagon, but it is enough added utility for what I will use it for. Ever tried to get 50TB of SAN in and out of a trunk? What use would the extra height of an X3 serve, other than to ruin the handling and worsen the economy? It's not like ANYONE is ever going to take one they own off-roading.