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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
well they told you to get the 2.0 because it is turbo'ed and fairly easy to tune.

you do know that the 335 is not a competitor to an A5? rather the 328's are.

A5 start at 38G, while 335's start at 41-2. 328's are around 34.

For 38 thousand dollars, you get 211 hp with a HUGE disappointment in performance (straight line) 6.4 seconds 0-60(manual) 6.7 for auto. Which is exactly the same for the 328. with less torque but more power and for less money.

a5 is a high priced slow car. for almost 40 thousand dollars i would like it to be at least faster then a accord v6.

S5 aint that great either. 53 grand??? 0-60 is the same as our cars. i know that 335i's can amount to 50k or more but i dont see our cars as a different class then the normal line up. a 335i(non-is) is a compeptitor to an s5. i feel that the 335is CAN compete against the RS5. even being underpowered by 100hp+
Its all about 0-60 and competing then is it? Have you ever driven an A5 or an S5? . For $1200 an A5 will make 265 hp with 305 ft/lbs of torque. Your 0-60 goes to just over 5 seconds....about the same as 335....for about $7-8,000 less if that what you are concerned about. Plus all wheel drive is pretty nice. I almost got nailed from behind today as I was merging quickly into traffic. It was raining and as I get half way around the corner the FU%$#% traction control shuts everything down as a wheel loses grip. 335is and RS5 are in different leagues. M3 and RS5 perform similarly I believe.