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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
yes to an A5 and no to the s5. took a douchebag in a S5 down screaming at me "YOU DONT WANT IT!" sigh....

for 400 dollars 335 will make 360hp and similar tq. and with a better tq curve, it competes against cars out of its league.

m3 beats the RS5 and has less HP. IMO with some suspension parts, the 335is is a great platform to build on. saving money and having a retrospectively impressive numbers with MINIMAL mods. it can compete against the RS5. (0-60 are identical or very close. 4.6 for rs5 and 4.7 for 335is) stock for stock. 68-70 grand for a rs5. ridiculous.

i dont understand how a car can look so good, but not perform. same for the gran turismo. your paying for looks rather then performance. BUT IT HAS LEDS!!!! omgz
I'm already having traction problems and I'm on 265/30 19 rears so I couldnt imagine more power..traction control.....I agree that Audi has fallen short with the RS5. Very strange. S5 is more of a touring car really yet does everything as well (and quickly) as 335. It is more dough but sounds sooooo much better. My last car was B7 S4 and the sound alone sold me. BMW lopped $7000 off this 335 which made S5 cost difficult to justify. Having said that, I made a mistake. Quattro can be driven hard everywhere all the time if you so desire..rwd...not so much.