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Originally Posted by wuchao1 View Post
I have the one from Jlevisw.. was throwing all kinds of error and sometimes my left low beam will shut off randomly..
But I do believe I found a fix for it:
I have dimsum coded my car for me.. stopped the light check so no more errors and also he coded the car so now the car thinks it has xenon from the factory.. so far so good. no more problem anymore!
I'm EXTREMELY glad to hear this, I already called Dimsum and am paying him to code this for me tonight. Fingers crossed.

Current errors I have are:

CC ID 88
CC ID 89
CC ID 119/122 [caused cause I haven't re-adjusted the bulb holder/invested in a euro bulb holder]

**The resistor trick on the AE's works and removes the error [not trying to sound smart, but I bought this set off of SharpPointyStick and that's what he did to the lights and the parking light is not throwing any errors. Just the low beam and indicator.]