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Need help on new problem!

Hi guys. I own a 2006 325xi with 80k miles. Sometimes when i acceleraterate slowly, i feel i little surge of power or jolt forward. In the cold months, i also a little bit of idling issues, meaning that when back in neutral (6 speeds) the revs would just occiliate a little over the 1100-1300 mark! Yesterday, when i can home, when i start slowing down but just before i stop like 5mph, whether the car is in gear or not, i am almost stopped and again sort of a little jolt forward and a little thug. Feels like a transmission downshift slip feeling!! Notice the car is not in gear but on neutral!!! Thanks for the advice. Oh yes also, sometimes in winter the check engine light goes on for a day and then after 10 starts disapears! It has done that for 3 winters, i dont bother anymore, it goes away!!!