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Originally Posted by alex2008e90black View Post
bmw BAYSIDE sucks the used car dept. on northern blvd and 214 street... they are selling a white 4 door M3 with red interior. in Feb. the car listed online for 47K in the beginning of march the car went to 51K WTF.... yesterday the car went back to 47k.. note if you live in queens check the car out... its bin damaged hood and roof. You can see the body work sanding marks through the clear coat when I asked questions they denied any knowledge. When I pointed out the marks I was then told the car was fix poorly and they know the history hmmmm
I wouldn't buy any CPO/used car from them. The dealers just don't give a sh*t about the CPOs - they'll open the door hard and just bang into the car next to it, and not even blink an eye. I'm guessing a lot of the dents you'll see are a result of this. Also, every CPO I test drove from them had something wrong with it - squeaky cup holders, non-working seatbelt arms, limp mode on startup (lol?). Their CPO qualifications are well below par to those of the nearby LI dealerships, and if you are unlucky and get a salesman that generally sells new cars, you won't get much respect or attention during the test drive.

Steer clear of this dealership for CPO/used.