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Sirius Sat Prep Question

So, I got my 330 with sat prep. I hesitated on their oem radio since I preferred to get the new sirius s-50... which is basically a portable system, that has it's own 50hr tivo-type recorder. it also can be pulled out of the cradle (car or home) and used to playback recorded shows and mp3s just like an ipod. it even looks like an ipod nano in black.

can i access the antenna coax connector from the prewired sat-prep sharkfin in order to connect up my new s-50?

I imagine it terminates either in the trunk (if that's where the oem system installs) or in the dash near the display. I just want to connect it to the s-50.

My only other alternative, which is not really so bad, is that i use the small antenna that came with the carkit version of the s-50. it's about the size of a small coaster, and magnetic. I tested it by leaving it on the rear deck and it worked perfectly. (it held magnetically to the hook on the deck). it could be a pretty inconspicuous install, but my first choice would be to use the existing bmw sirius sat-prep antenna.

anyone able to speak on this? you can also email me directly.



btw... my sparkling graphite 2006 330i is a quantum leap in performance over my 2001 330ci. They've really improved the car's performance & handling, although I'm getting a little lower mpg than promised. my 4 yr old, 97,000 mi 2001 330ci got about 21.6 city.

I realize this new one hasn't really broken in yet, (only 1500mi), and has higher hp... but bmw claims i should be getting higher mpgs than i'm getting so far. if i really work at it, i can get 20.6mpg city.

granted, the emissions of this car are cleaner than the air in L.A., and hence help the atmosphere, but will I be getting better mileage as the car wears in? anybody?