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Originally Posted by BenTrovato View Post
Wagons were always ugly. It's only been a decade or so where the styling has been ramped up to the point where the e91 is a stunning machine. It will take some time to reverse the stigma of the 1994 "wagon" in people's minds:

I would not knock the Buick Roadmaster's then-standard 300HP/300FT LBS of 'merican love. In '96, when I was learning to drive, I had access to my mom's 95 Roadmaster--the last year of the traditional GM wagon. In addition to hitting its top speed of 103MPH in what felt like 5 seconds, it was great at smoking its 195/75/16 tires, hauling 3 ton boats and, later in its life, my beer fridge to University. Oh, also, with both the back seat and the "way back seat" folded down, it slept 4. Awesome.