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Cool Prior Design E93 Widebody M3 Conversion Kit Released for Non-Ms

Prior Design E93 Widebody M3 Conversion Kit Released for Non-Ms
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Prior Design is no newcomer when it comes to widebody M3 conversions, as they released their E92 M3 PDM Widebody Kit for the E92 coupe (photos also below) late last year. This time around they've taken to converting the E93 convertible to a widebody M3 look, just in time for the top-down summer months. The conversion looks fabulous, especially with the convertible top down.

The conversion kit includes of course the widened front and rear fenders and bumpers, new hood with ventilation gills, and sideskirts.

* This kit fits all E92/E93 pre-LCI non-M3 models

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E92 coupe conversion kit released last year:

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