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Originally Posted by ironman1982 View Post
Excellent DIY!

A few questions for you if you don't mind concerning 6 AT:

I read elsewhere in another thread on this same topic that you have to be careful turning the crank by its bolt do to it possibly being reverse threaded (i.e. NOT your standard "righty-tighty" "lefty-loosy" threading). Something about utilizing a tool in the slots machined into the wheel around the bolt to turn it instead of the bolt itself. Is this accurate. Does the crank need to turn in a CW fashion then but not necessarily by using the bolt? Also I'm assuming you'd have to disengage the tranny by putting the car in N. Is that a possibility with the car off without any special disengagement of a shift lock or similar?

i dont know about the thread pattern but the way i was able to close the open valves was, i disconnected all the coils and "tapped" the crank, valves move really fast, it helps having someone watching.(im not sure if this is safe or not, i dont recommend it)
you can put the car in neutral 2 ways. 1) putting the car in "acc" press the breaks and you can put it into "N". 2) engaging it manually, there's a lever on the passenger side when you lift the shift boot.

have fun!